Bonjour Dear Readers
Welcome back to my 10th article, sharing with you what I dream to have. Every person in this world have some things that they want to have. some of us have similar wants and some are not. Anyway

  • Lets start

➀ Money

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→ To buy whatever I want

→ To Travel

→ Try things I never tried before

➁ MIni Cooper S

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➂ Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

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➃ Laptop and iPhone

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→ I never had one of those before, that's why I dream to have them. Also, I never have a cheap phone too. because I love ipads and I buy pads the most.

➄ Dream House

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→ I want to live in a house that has a pool and a little park to stay and enjoy every moment there. I want a little park to chill with my sisters and brothers and my parents there or play with my sisters and brothers football and basketball.

→ Have a chance to decorate the house

→ Also, I dream to live in a city. Because I fall in love with cities all the time.

➅ True Friends

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  • So what about you, what you dream to have?
  • That's all for today's article
  • Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it or I help you with something.

Published on 25.October.2018