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Emlyn. Means a brave and nobel warrior


17 years old


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Green eyes, Long Brown hair always in a half-up half-down hair style, fair skin and petite.


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She would either wear dresses in pastel and nude tones or black dresses. And she would always have jewelry with moons.


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A black panther name Hades


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The first one is her crown given to her by her father; the second one is her mother's crown her father gifted her after her mother's passing; the third one she wins it while figthing along side her siren friends; and the last one she wearns when she finally discovers she is a witch one her mothers side.


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Big palace with a lot of paintings on the walls. And a lot of gold details~.


arrow, archery, and bow image sword image witchcraft, crystal, and magic image air, elements, and magic image
She can control things with her mind but before she found that out she was already a really good warrior and could fight with a sword and bow and arrow.


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Clarice- Witch
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Marie- Siren


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A rebel she meet once in the forest. Their love was forbiden but they didn't care.


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The vilain would be one of the witches from my mom's side of the familly that didn't wnat me to rule both kingdoms and tied to destroy me.