I just saw this article from @chloeoxox and I just had to do it, I loved it so much!!
Here is her's, so go check her out!!! She's super cool!! I made some changes to mine, since I felt like some of her choices weren't strictly mystical, (though I did like what she wrote down!! And I loved her selections!)

Moon Light or Candlelight

I choose both, too, there's nothing like candlelight when you wanna unwind, but there's also something so strong and sensual and powerful about about moonlight.

*Time Traveler or Space Traveler *

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hhhhhhmmmmm…. Time travel! I'd go back to a purer time and live happily ever after with my boyfriend!

Fly to the Moon or Swim to Atlantis

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Hhhhhmm...depends. How am I flying to the moon? Do I have a dragon? A Pegasus? Is there a safe way for me to swim to atlantis without being drowned by mermaids or killed by Atlantian soldiers?...or a giant squid, which honestly scares me a hell of a lot more!

*Mornings or Nights *

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Nights! I feel better under starlight and moonglow, than under blistering glare of sunshine. Plus, I am very fair skinned so I burn hella easy and hate it when it's sunny!

Stars or Rainbows

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Stars. I can star gaze for an entire night without getting tired at all.... I always wonder how many of them are gazing back at me... like permanent snowflakes glimmering merrily.

Books or Movies

Books! they are a much better escape than movies for me.

Dragons or Mermaids

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I can so NOT pick one! I have to say both!!

Cat familiar or another animal

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My familiar would probably not be a cat, but I'd love to have one as a companion animal (not pet! Animals are not property, they are family!) I've taken those personality quizzes where trhey tell you what spirit animal/familiar you get, and I always get wolves, or horses, that's it LOL. So a wolf or a horse.

Light magic or Dark

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"not all that is darkness is evil, and not all that is light is good". There always has to be balance to those energies, and people are not one thing or the other, we have multiple facets! Both!

Would your supernatural best friend be a half-Sidhe (half faerie) or a Werewolf?

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Probably half-fae BFF for me. Who else would be able to keep up with me in all the crap I do?

Spell books or ancient scrolls of even more ancient spells

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Both! knowledge is power, and girl power is a force to be reckoned with!

Fly on a broom or on the back of a magical creature

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Creature! a broom would probably require that I imbue it with my own magic, which would probably make me weaker, and if I gotta go kick some magical ass I need to be at full power! (I have been reading Jim Butcher a lot lately, and Lilith St.Crow)

tarot/oracle deck or rune stones

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In real life I actually do use both.

Would you rather: Be able to change your hair color and length at will but have your head always itch like crazy and have dandruff, or be able to change your physical body at will but suffer from being weak and tired all the time by doing so?

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I came up with that one and even I can't make a choice for it! I mean, dandruff is easy enough to manage, coconut oil and aloe and some good shampoo. I'm always tired all the time anyway, so it's not a big deal..... I'd probably take a lil bit of both, so I'd not be able to do too much changing but enough so that there's a change!

Throw lightening from your fingertips or have the power to move with lightening speed

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throw lightening!

Have a Wicked Witch of a step mother or have Maleficent as your godmother?

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