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Bonjour, everyone! I’m Olivia, but I kinda sorta prefer to go by Liv! I joined We Heart It a little over two years ago back in August of 2016 and I am ecstatic about joining the Writers Team!

My favorite thing about the app is that it really motivates me to explore the world. So much that I’m going to Japan next year! It’ll be my first time outside North America and I’m so excited. There are so many beautiful images on the app, such as pictures of flowers, sunsets, anything really that it really makes me what to go outside and take those photos myself. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do so when I’m in the Land of the Rising Sun.

A fun fact about myself is that I’ve hiked down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon—twice. 12 miles down, 12 miles up. I saw some absolutely astounding waterfalls down there, such as Havasu, Beaver, New Navajo, and Mooney Falls. I even jumped off a 44-foot one named Rock Falls! It was an experience of a lifetime and I’m dying to go back someday.

I haven’t written that many articles yet, but for the most part, I’m planning to write about things I’m passionate about. Animated films, Stranger Things, Katy Perry, what have you. I think of myself as the definition of a fangirl and I’m obsessed with a lot of things, so there’s bound to be one article about something we both love.

Welp, before I start listing every single thing I’m obsessed with, I might as well stop there. Thank you so much for reading this and I really hope you enjoy my articles and other posts in the future!

Au revoir! - Liv

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Hi, all! I’m Abby, @gypsophiliet on We Heart It. I joined in 2016, but only established my account formally when the articles feature was introduced. I am beyond grateful to be a member of such an amazing team and site.

My favorite aspect about the We Heart It site is its unparalleled positivity and inspiration. This site gives creative minds an outlet to show their brilliance and talent in the form of images, collections, and articles. Along with that, I love how all the content here is uplifting and refreshing. In today’s era, I think constant negativity and hate is a huge issue, and what I adore most about We Heart It is that it is the complete opposite of that.

Ever since the article feature was introduced, my status on We Heart It changed dramatically. I had below 100 followers before the introduction of articles, and now, in the course of one and a half year, I have 2.7 k followers (!!). I usually write on ‘studyblr’ topics, i.e topics related to school and academics, but now and then I go out of my comfort zone and write about empowerment and girlbossing. I’m a 13-year-old student with a penchant for skincare, green tea, gypsophila and bullet journaling. Although this may seem strange, I actually enjoy studying, along with writing articles and visualizing the life I want. Some other activities I partake in is reading poetry and classics (10/10 any type of literature), listening to Ariana Grande, daydreaming and doting on fluffy animals.

I am immensely glad that I am a part of the We Heart Writers team. I now have a bigger platform to share my thoughts and ideas with you, which I will devote my time to doing. I sincerely hope that my current and future articles may be conducive in inspiring and helping you.


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Hey guys! My name is Kira and you can find me @timasiarose.

I'm from a small town in Germany and 15 years old. I'm so freaking thankful that I can be a part of this lovely community! I love We Heart It because it's an aesthetically pleasing place and also a place where you can meet so much cute and cool people!

To me: I love the color yellow and I'm a big fan of Harry styles ;) I play the guitar and I love to write, read and listen to music.

With my articles, I want to help people. Mostly they will go about problems and how to solve them. Also, I love to write about self-love and self-care... basically stuff I have a lot to say about and maybe some poetry;)

Syl Kira

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Hi, I am @paulien_99 and I am so thrilled to be part of the We Heart It Writers Team. I’ve been a member of this platform for five years already and I honestly love this place so much. It’s a simple but positive, open-minded and aesthetic runaway from life.

Outside of We Heart It, I like listening to music, being a crazy Slytherin and traveling with my family. I study psychology at university and adore knowing more about astrology and history as well. My articles will mainly cover the topics mentioned above, but you can expect writings about feminism and life in general also.

All the love, Paulien.

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A n a s t a s i a
A n a s t a s i a

Hello everyone! I'm Anastasia, @Anastasia on We Heart It. I joined in 2013 and yes you can tell that I'm old in here. I'm so thankful to be a member of such an amazing team and site.

My favorite thing in We Heart It is that motivates me in everything. Every time I'm in the app I'm so inspired by those beautiful pictures from around the world and so many different things too. I love all that positivity that brings this site and can bring people together. Meet new people from all around the world is something really beautiful and I'm so glad for it. I'm a 19-year-old girl who loves makeup, cats and most of all photograph and I literally photograph every single thing that I think is beautiful even someone else doesn't see that. Travel, nature, cities are my favorite things to photograph and I love it that here in We Heart It you can find inspiration about this too and get creative.

I don't have a specific topic in my articles but I really love writing about fashion-beauty, travel, and life.
If you love these too, keep a look out for my articles.

I'm really glad that I am part of the We Heart It Writers team. This app made me realize that I love to write articles and I hope to continue to inspire you through them.


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Introduction: Hello babies! My name is Vedanta but I prefer "V" (as in the letter yes, haha). I am a big fan of the word "bliss" because it represents a peaceful type of happiness so that's why my We Heart It is called @thisismybliss. It calms, inspires and makes my heart smile. A couple other things that make my heart smile include Bharatnatyam Dance, nature and animals and happy people. So, that's what you can expect from me, articles about dance, about how you can help save the planet and most importantly, about how you can help yourself and others to become better, happier people. :sunny:

Love x 108, V!

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Hey friends! My name is Rachel, or @x_rachelann_x on We Heart It. I joined almost four years ago and am so excited and honored to be part of the Writers Team! My favorite thing about We Heart It is the ability to connect with people from all over the world over what you are passionate about. You can create collections about anything and inspire people with your ideas and imagination. The article feature allows a whole new level of inspiration to be possible, with positivity now being shared directly through people’s writing. This is what I hope to embody through my articles. I mainly want to focus on articles that explore how to live your life as positively and kindly as possible. This will involve articles on confidence, creativity, health, and lifestyle. I also hope to start sharing my creative writing with you all in the future! When I’m not writing or planning articles, I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts degree, watching Netflix, hanging with my friends, working at a department store or reading every book I can get my hands on. Thanks so much for reading, I’m looking forward to sharing and connecting with you all in the future. xox Rach

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bailey king
bailey king

Hi everyone, I’m Bailey! You’re welcome to call me Bay. My name on We Heart It is simply bailey_marie_king.

I first started using We Heart It back in 2014 and used it off and on until I officially came back in August of this year. I have always loved using We Heart It because it is such a creative space where you can share yours or learn about others interest and ideas. I love that it is such a unique and friendly platform where people can express themselves and collect images and ideas they enjoy. I loved when the articles option came out and people were able to express themselves even more on here. It’s amazing being able to connect with people from all over the world and it was amazing getting to be a part of the Writer’s Team.

Now for a little about me, I live and work in Lawrence, Kansas and I’m 21 years old. I’m a romantic at heart and was lucky enough to find the love of my life, Bret King, and get married last November. We currently have one dog, Apollo, and a cat, Edgar, that are basically our children. I work at a law firm as a legal assistant and I am trying to use my spare time to be creative again. I love tattoos, quotes, dogs, bugs, coffee, and sleep. I have always found comfort in art (mostly drawing), books, and writing. I have always liked writing fiction pieces the most, so I may share some of my short stories in my articles. I will most likely have a lot of articles dealing with mythology of all kinds. I will probably share articles on anything I find interesting such as art styles I enjoy, or artist I find interesting, or books I’ve read, there may even be an article out one day about bugs! I also like writing about life, love, or just different ideals I’ve come across. I can’t wait to share more with you all, thank you so much for reading!
Xoxo, Bay

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Hi guys! It’s such a pleasure to finally introduce myself to all of you. My name is Ana, but on We Heart It you can find me as @once_upon_a_dime. I’ve joined this beautiful community about five years ago and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it, especially being free to express myself and being able to communicate with all of you. One sentence that describes me best is art historian addicted to ice cream and coffee. Traveling is also a big part of my life and I tend to do it as much as possible so if you love to read about art and travel stay tuned.

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Writing Out Ani
Writing Out Ani

Hello Hearters, I’m Ani. I am Mexican-American, female, Aquarius who loves to write, read and thrift shop.

I’m new to writing articles, however, I’m no stranger to We Heart It!

One of my favorite things about We Heart It is that it’s a way to express yourself and not be afraid of who you are. I also love the variety of articles, each writer brings something so different and creative.

If you stick around you will find many of my articles are about fashion, books, writing, among many other miscellaneous topics!
I’m so excited for you guys to read what I have planned to publish

All the love

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