1) Favorite Place-- Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
2) Favorite Quote-- "be the best you, you can be"
3) Favorite Color-- purpleeee
4) Favorite Food-- PASTA
5) Favorite Movie Genre-- Rom-Com
6) Favorite Song--All I Want- Kodaline
7) Favorite Band-- Green Day
8) Favorite Flower-- Carnations
9) Favorite T.V. Series-- Bob's Burgers
10) Favorite Pet-- Dogs
11) Favorite Animal-- Cows
12) Favorite Sport-- Softball
13) Favorite Season-- Fall
14) Favorite Smell-- Lilacs
15) Favorite Location of Tattoo-- Upper Thigh/Hip
16) Favorite Snack-- Popcorn
17) Favorite Kind of Muffin-- Banana Nut
18) Favorite Kind of Bread-- Zucchini
19) Favorite Breakfast-- Oatmeal
20) Favorite Month-- October