When we decided to break up after being together for 1 year and a half, I knew it was going to be hard. My family and friends were going to say "I told you so" but the worst was that I wouldn't have someone to talk to on the nights and I couldn't tag you on memes anymore.

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The first night I cried and checked my phone to see if you had sent me a message. I never got a message from you again. The last time I saw your name on my screen was when you tagged me on an instastory.

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The next morning, my first thought was "omg I hope this was a nightmare" it wasn't. The problem of letting you go was that we were still in love but we just couldn't be. So this is what I did to forget you and frankly, it worked.

1. Delete all your pictures

From social media and on my phone. It was hard but to be honest I didn't delete them all. Some of those ended up on my cloud . The snapchat videos made me cry, you looked so fucking beautiful when you smiled. We didn't so many crazy shit that I would never dare to do with anyone else.

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2. Tell my friends and family

I needed to do that to avoid the awkward questions. Specially from my mom who loved you very much until she saw me crying over you.

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3. Get rid of all your things

This step was harder than I thought. It actually took me several weeks to accomplish. I throw away everything you gave me, stuffed animals, cards, t-shirts... but I kept one thing. Your hoodie, it was so huge and comfy and it smelled like you. I lost it a week ago at a party. It was okay, by then, it didn't matter anymore.

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4. Binge watch two series

I watched Sex and the City and Gossip Girl. they kept my mind busy at night so I wouldn't think about you.

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5. Going to the gym

You know how much I hate working out but it helped. Three months later I started noticing changes in my body. Even though I've always been skinny I never had abs. Now I do. I like it.

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6. I read two poetry books

Both by the same author. Rupi Kaur "milk and honey" and "the sun and her flowers" and I felt a real connection with the way that heartbreaks were portrayed. My solitude was not a problem anymore.

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7. I got drunk

I'm not gonna lie, many times I was really close to call you around 3 am. One night out the song we used to listen when we were driving was playing at the club. I started crying thank God for my girlfriends, they wipped my joker face make up. you know how awful and stupid it feels to cry in public?

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8. I watched romantic movies

This films made me change my point of view towards what I want in a relationship and what to expect. The Bridget Jones Diary, Blue valentine, Love and other drugs and Like crazy.

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9. New playlist on Spotify

New music. Now I have new memories about these songs. I listen to my playlist on the showrr, in th car, when I was walking on the street, at the gym. I even made a friend because he liked the same band as me. "The 1975"

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10. Travel

I traveled. I traveled a lot. Breathing the air of new places and just wander renews your energy, new scents, new memories, new photographies. I even went back to the same places we had been to, by then I didn't think of you anymore, your presence didn't linger.

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I took me 6 months to be finally over you. You were out of my life, of my mind and of my heart.

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Those who tell you that moving on is easy, are lying to you. It's a process that we have the right to live and in our own time. Maybe for some the recovery of heartbreak is shorter or maybe it's longer, and that's okay.

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