• Full Name: Maje Indy Peterson
  • Nickname(s): Maji
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: June 3
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Ethnicity: Italian, American, Japonese, Corean.
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
girl, hair, and beauty image girl, black, and coffee image music, aesthetic, and alternative image girl, vintage, and hair image
She has got very short hair. Her hair is black.
  • Eyes
aesthetic, asian, and beauty image green eyes, soft, and asian image
She has green eyes.
  • Face & Body
beauty, michele, and girl image Image by Vio Image by Her Time, Her Soul girl, beauty, and makeup image
She got small & smiling lips. She is tall has a healthy body. She is beautiful. She is metis asian-American.


  • Everyday
fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed fashion and outfit image Image removed
She wears classy outfits & sneakers.
  • At School
alternative, blue, and ravenclaw image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image shoes, Balenciaga, and black image
She has to wear a blue skirt because she is in the water section, a black turtleneck as all of the Witches students, a black jacket & black sneakers.
  • For ball
Temporarily removed sandals and ... image fashion, outfit, and shoes image Image by Lola
Blue dresses & heels.
  • For Events
fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image blue, fashion, and style image Image by sukh saini♥
Classy blue outfit.


  • Everyday
beige, brow, and eyeshadow image Temporarily removed
  • At School
eye, blue eyes, and eyes image girl, lips, and lipstick image
  • For Ball
makeup, eyeliner, and blue image lipstick, makeup, and beauty image
  • For Events
makeup, girl, and beauty image


books, brown, and chill image funny, Harry Styles, and lol image determination, green, and write image birthday, etsy, and fun image
She is clever, funny, determinate & mature.


  • Music
guitar, flowers, and music image flowers, music, and guitar image
She plays guitare.
  • Sport(s)
Inspiring Image on We Heart It handball, sport, and champions league image
She does handball.
  • Other
Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Drawing & reading.


bff, coachella, and crazy image cooking, girl, and model image mermaid and tail image Temporarily removed
Partying, being with her friends, the Mermaids & the Witches, water & magic.


Image by hecate fire, night, and bonfire image Temporarily removed crescent moon, etsy, and stained glass image
The Fairies & the Elves, fire & vegetables.

Favorite Color(s)

Image removed
Red, blue & purple.

Significant Other

bed, boys, and brown hair image
Her crush, Andrea. He is older than her, he is 20. They are an ambiguous Relationship.

Old Halloween Costumes

beautiful, cool, and costume image halloween costume and mermaid image


harry potter, hogwarts, and book image Temporarily removed study, school, and book image aesthetic, kids, and nature image
She is a student in a normal school & also a student at The Wizard's School. She is also a representatuve of the Witches; the Water's one.


Abusive image fish, balloons, and water image water, grunge, and pale image water, magic, and hand image
She can controls water & she has the same powers as all of the Witches.


dog, animal, and rainbow image
Her dog, Eden.

Thanks for reading <3