hello hearters! this week has been our semestral break in school so I won't be able to update with my 100 days of productivity but hey I'm here to still give some suggestions and tips for your schooool life.

Anyway, I'm starting to watch pretty little liars and I'm spending the sembreak by basically binge watching some of my fav channels

☆ a clean study area really helps but putting fresh plants on your working table is much more helpful

not only it will purify the air inside your room but fresh plants are so peaceful and refreshing and it just increases my concentration more, idk about you guys but try it
(and according to my research LOL) studies have proven that it helps improve productivity

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☆ eat peanuts or almond when studying

these snacks are so yummy and are brain friendly and healthyyy

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☆ rewrite notes

you might be noticing (if you're reading my previous articles) that most of the tasks i do for school is taking notes
when your teacher is lecturing, make sure to jot down important info that might help you, it will keep you away from being sleepy and as you rewrite and organize it at home, make sure you understand what you are writing to save time and to gain knowledge from what your teacher has discussed ofc

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☆ do not overuse your highlighters

colorful notes are distracting and are hard to understand so make sure to highlight only the important and main ideas in your notes or handouts but if you prefer colorful notes to help you better, that's perfectly fine ツ

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☆ group studying

studying in groups is easier because you can ask your friends/ classmates about those lessons you find hard to analyze
buuut make sure that everyone is STUDYING not talking to each other okay? okay.

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☆ and as alwaays, take a break, take a rest, hydrate and get enough sleep ツ

because you deserve ittt

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that's it for todaaay HOPE Y'ALL HAVE A GREAT DAAAAY! ☆ thanks for reading