Hello hearters, here's my 30 Day Writing Challege ( at least one of the several Writing Challenge ). I'll probably throw myself in the others too.
Let's begin immediatly !

List 10 things that make you happy

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She's all I got and all I'll never have. She's the only one capable of bringing me such a happiness.
  • My dog, Aslan / Petting animals / Horses
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Taking care of animals bring me a feeling of peace.
  • Doing ( crazy ) things with friends
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Special thanks to L & J & G
  • Movies / Tv Shows
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I spend litteraly all my life existence on Netflix or in Cinemas.
  • Books
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I wish I could have more time to read 'cause this past years I read much less than I could have.
  • Music
mika mikafreak image arctic monkeys, music, and sea image Temporarily removed Amy Winehouse, amy, and black and white image
earphones on in the bus and let your mind go
  • Thunderstorms
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I can't explain this feeling.
  • The sound of the rain against windows / The smell of it
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appease my heart
  • Star Gazing
Temporarily removed moon, night, and sky image beautiful and universe image Temporarily removed
ease my mind
  • Adventures and Travelling
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This is my biggest dream. To visit every single place in the world.

So, yeah, that's it. Thanks to all those things I feel much better today than I was in the past few years. Thanks to G, the special one.

You make my smile every single day.

See you soon,