For the last two days, I couldn't stop picturing Rasha Bses's face, bruised and scared to death. Rasha Bses was a Syrian girl. She was a victim of honor killing. Her brother killed her. It isn't clear yet the motive behind it but most of the honor killing are done when the girl makes sex out of marriage. She isn't the first and wont be the last but the video of her murder caused a lot of outrage and brought a lot of people, including me, into tears. I was sobbing, imagining what did she feel at the moment? Her brother pointing the machine gun at her, full of pride that he is going to cleanse his shame. I used this platform to let the world knows about her. More people need to be aware of the massive crimes that are done on a daily basis in the name of honor killing.

I don't recommend any of you to search for the video since it is so graphic and painful. If you want to learn more about honor killing try to read some books about it. There are plenty of them. I would recommend this one.