I’m waiting.The music in my ears is loud enough, that I can’t hear any noises. The bus is coming. The doors open and as always I wait to let the people first get out of the bus until I get in it. My eyes are searching a seat. Found one. I’m walking towards it. I’m sitting down. I’m making the music louder. Now the people near me can hear my music. Nobody tells me to turn it down. Because nobody would have the courage. I feel the vibes. My head is moving. Not to much. Just a little. Literally it’s just as little as a mouse. Why did I compared it to a mouse? I don’t know. I move my arm. Press the “Stop-Button” and wait. I take my bag. Stand up. I look back if I left something there. I haven’t. I get out.

Hello Guys

It’s my first text or something like that, so I would truly appreciate it , if u who reads this would leave a comment. Not much.It hasn’t to be deep. But just a hint for me if it was good or not.
Thanks for that:)

I want to write true things cause we all know to much fake things nowadays.
So I decided to start with an easy one. Just a little text bout beeing in a bus.

Tell me if y’all want to have another text bout sth else. could be a spotify playlist or sth like that:)
Y’all are amazing!!!!
xx Claire