His hands wrapped around my waist
His lips pressed against my lips

A warm embracement so tenderly like the bees kissing the flowers.

His words, his voice so calm and soft as the first breeze of Autumn
My name softly whispered by his perfectly shaped mouth
His safe arms welcoming me home like the moon offering the stars their night sky.

These are only desires and hopeless daydreams of this lonely heart of mine.

'The first breeze of Autumn' written by Noor, @kingofmyheart_noor

It took me a while to write a new poem, life has been busy and really messy. I had like sort of a blackout in my mind and could not find the right words. But a few days ago I went for a walk in the park near my home. And this poem is the result of a very lovely but yet lonely day. I hope you enjoy it. Love, Noor