you know it's you.
since the back to school I cry almost everyday.
yesterday I saw you liked stuff about toxic relationship, dont let me believe that wasn't supposed for me to see them.
today I'll call you after posting that, I hope you will answer the phone.
tomorrow I want everything to be as great as it always been.

you (maybe) know how much i am melancholic and nostalgic. a week ago I made a list of memories we had together, I wanted to give it to you but im just a coward. I wanted to tell you that I want everything to go back as before, but I didn't. the fact that you liked those posts on we heart it was the wake-up call for me. I can't let things go on and doing nothing for it. I really can't handle to loose our friendship.
if you, do, just tell me, dont let me think it could go better.
but I can't understand that you can believe that our relationship is toxic. but maybe it is..?

remember when
we watched SKAM in one week ?
we waited for TDC and TW6 together ?
we watched Shinning at you pyjama party ?
you created the 'isis' collection ?

series and skam image isis and egyptian mythology image

there was the college's party ?
we used to go to the fnac ?
you spammed me about 5sos ?
I used to shoot every time you struggled to drink ?
"la fusion c'est ma passion"
we made a on Keen'v ?
you came out to me ?
we went see 'a cure for life' ?

bi, bisexual, and flag image film, movie, and mia goth image

we made a lgbqt+ flag on our wrist on one of the last day of school ?
we putted matching hoodies, hale&lahey ?

bisexual, flag, and pride image Temporarily removed

we discovered the catacombs of St Genes ?
you made me enter in the shadow hunter fandom ?
you cut your hair and send me a pic, I thought you looked like Leon ?
you explained me theories about Brendon and Ryan ?
we went to Hyères, we waved the cars, we took photos, we listened to music on beach, we felt skins vibes ?

bridge, cars, and friendship image

you used to protect me when people where mean at me sometimes ?
you used to see through my gallery ?
you used to tell me everything ?

I putted isis pics and quotes on my wall because it really means to me, I still have them

girl, friends, and grunge image Abusive image
"Still got pictures of friends on the wall I suppose we aren't really friends anymore" -alex turner knows everything ...

as the posts you liked said, a friend shouldn't cause all that disease, or thats not really your friend.
so I tell you, If I hurt you, just tell me, I dont know, im maybe mean sometimes, but I dont mean it, I dont realize how I am. im also a really jealous person, and you know who I think about when I write that.

i am sorry.

i dont even know if I could call you after writing that, im still shaking.