What is being in love like? I would ask myself how do you know you’re in love? Yes I know that sounds dumb but I would always wonder how you knew that you loved this one person. Well I guess you could say I may have figured it out.

I fell in love with someone wow who would’ve thought. I couldn’t figure out what love was or even how to love. He taught me to love others. But he has also taught me how to love myself. He taught me real love isn’t always perfect. It’s a big mess that you have to figure out with this person. I didn’t know what being in love felt like. I know now what it feels like but I dont think I will be able to put that into words. It’s something different for everyone else. You can always put a labe on love. But you will truly know what it feels like when you are with the right person.

I think back to a time without you. How did I even survive? The lack of love put me in a place that wasn’t good. You weren’t doing to hot either. We were both a mess before we thought to love each other. I had no idea that you would have this much of an impact on my life. To think I cried myself to sleep countless night hoping someone like you would save me. I was so surprised when I realized you were right in front of me this whole time.

In the end being in love feels so amazing. And you know you’re in love when you finally feel at peace or happy. It just takes the right person for you to feel like this. I’ve found my person who makes me feel all this and more. I can’t thank this person enough for being here this long