It's that time of the year. Midterms

The time on college campuses where it is not out of the norm to see anyone crying on campus or walking around in their pajamas. We all hate it and it is easy to become overwhelmed, but it is important to stay calm.

Here are my tips to surviving midterms:

1. Get enough sleep

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I know it is practically impossible, but sleep is SO IMPORTANT. It is important every day, but it is imperative to get as much sleep as you can before big exams. There is definitely a temptation to stay up all night cramming before, but none of the material that you spent all night learning will stick if you are exhausted.

2. Know what works for you and stick by that

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As far as studying is concerned, you have to stick with what you know works for you personally. Some people are much more inclined to talk through things in a group while others are much better individually. Don't be pressured to waste time studying in a way that is not accurate for you. If you study in groups keep looking for other people and if you study by yourself don't be afraid to say no to study sessions.

3. Digital is not always the way to go

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In class, it is so easy to look up online flashcards or to take your notes on a google doc, but in my experience taking my notes physically, while much more time consuming, helps me to remember material better. Also when you take your notes with an old school pen and paper, you can make them cute and pretty!

4. Don't stress, it's just a test

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Above all, there is no need to stress about your midterms and your final. The day will pass and the test that you spent all night crying over will be over before you know it. While it is important to do your best, perspective is everything. One bad test will not hold you back.

I know everyone will do fabulous this crazy couple of weeks and will slay this semester.