hello everyone, I'm aware it's pretty late to be posting a post about costume ideas considering Halloween is right around the corner, but for the few that still haven't figured it out, this post is for you! and I mean even if you have you can always keep these in mind for next year. anyways, hope this helps.

#1 Onesies

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Onesies are a great comfy option that can be worn all year round. It's also especially good for people looking for a last minute costume since you can easily run to your local walmart or target and find a bunch of different cute options!

#2 face paint/makeup

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this option is especially good for those who are into makeup. and I mean, even if you aren't im sure you know someone who is that could help you out. to get the makeup you can go to a local Walmart, or a Halloween store for some more options.

#3 skeleton

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this option is similar to the makeup one but a bit more diverse. to be a skeleton you could do the makeup and wear all black clothes, or you could even just wear a skeleton shirt/hoodie.

Thank you guys for reading!