I hate you

I hate that stupid hat you wear
And how you walk away
I hate the way I always stare
And how you didn't stay

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I hate that you're always on my mind
And that you never leave
I hate the way you hurt me then
When I was so naive

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I hate that we never talk
And that you're always silent
I hate that you make me so damn angry
My thoughts are now so violent

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I hate that I can't look you in the eye
That I have to ignore your gaze
I hate this divide between us
Still stuck in your golden haze

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I hate that you have this effect on me
And that you couldn't care less
I hate that I feel so stupid around you
And that I can't help but obsess

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I hate that I miss your laugh
The time we spent together
I hate that you shot me down
I thought I was so clever

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I hate that I can't hate you
And that you don't reply
I hate that I can't hate you
Despite how hard I try

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