Hello Beautiful people

I admit it's my first Lookbook, as you know I come from a warm country that does not exist in the fall, but I've been inspired by beautiful looks either from this same page or Instagram blah blah ... I love autumn everything that has to do with the, and especially the clothes!
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So I joined my passion for fashion and I combined it with this wonderful season and I gave you these fantastic looks. I hope you like it and inspire! ... no more preambles

°Look 1

Image by a n a Image removed blazer, fashion, and gucci belt image style, fashion, and outfit image
Check suit

°Look 2

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and outfit image brown, fall, and fashion image Image removed
Jersey + Skirt

°Look 3

fashion, style, and outfit image chic, clothes, and fashion image
fashion, style, and autumn image
fashion, bag, and shoes image fashion, girl, and outfit image

°Look 4

clothes, coat, and fashion image adidas, champion, and clothes image
fashion, green, and aesthetic image

Be kind xx