I fell, knowing damn well I shouldn't have. I saw all the signs on day one, but I kept on, hoping I could change you, change the way you saw commitment.

I fell for that stupid fucking smile first. Your stupid fucking laugh and eccentric personality.

Then I hoped and hoped something would happen with you, and well, something did happen.

I fell for the way your skin felt on mine—warm and felt like home. The way you kissed me. The way your hair felt when I ran my fingers through it.

That wasn't what made me yearn for you, though. I appreciated those things and I wanted them, but those aren't what made me want you.

The freckle placed behind your right ear, after you were so adamant about not having any freckles at all.

The way you're ticklish when I run my fingers along your spine—especially your lower back. The way you tried to suppress your reflexes so I wouldn't find out just how ticklish you were.

The way you would call me cute and hold me tighter, each time you complimented me.

The way you absolutely hated my "pecks" and you found it extremely when I did it, but would try to one-up me on the amount of pecks given. You would get the cockiest of smiles when you surpassed my amount of pecks.

How did I manage to fall for you?

How did I manage to fall for you when you would only invite me over to suck your ----?

when you ignore all my messages, until it's convenient for you?

when you would talk so much about what you were doing with this girl, or with that girl?

when I knew the type of person you were.