Hi lovely hearters!

This day is finally here. I am writing an article. I can´t believe it. I am so excited about it, because I`ve been thinking about it a lot and wanted to do it for so long, but didn´t have enough time. But here I am, ready to do my best and put my soul into it. Also there is a secret about it. I didn`t write the story I´m about to tell. My sister did. I liked it so so much so I decided to share it with you. So without any further ado lets start.

Sitting here yesterday, phoneless.. I realized a few things:
1 I'm addicted to my phone
2 I'm getting old
3 I really hate smoking
Let's talk about the first one, the phone addiction. It's not as much as I'm addicted but as much as I need my phone when I'm outside. People are watching you weird when you don't have your phone in public. Looks that are saying.. Are you crazy? What is up with staring? Why are you looking around? Where is your phone?... Stuff like that, so I guess I'm addicted to having my phone in public.

Two, I'm getting old. Sitting there and watching that lonely swing-set made me thinking how badly I wanted to sit on it, and swing all day long.

lonely and swing set image

But I couldn't even make a move, let alone stand up and sit on it. Later an old lady and her grandson came, and the boy took it's place on that swing-set immediately.

kiss, abuela, and nieto image

He was so happy and playful, so young..a child..Unlike me.
The lady asked me if the place next to me on the bench was taken. I said no, and that leads me to the third thing. The minute she sat down, she started smoking. I couldn't believe it, so I just got up and walked away, didn't even say goodbye to her. And that is how I realized that I really really hate smoking. Normally I would never do that. I would be polite no matter what that person did. But now something changed. Something in me couldn't take it anymore.
In conclusion, changes are good, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Talk about the story

Lets talk about why I like it so much. First of all: it`s short. Sometimes i would really like to read some article on whi while I´m looking at the pictures, but when I see it`s too long I simply loose interest not because I don´t want to read it but because I don´t have enough time for all those wonderful articles. Second thing, kinda funny hehe, it reminds me of that show "How I met your mother", and their way of story telling. And the third thing is the ending. It may seem contradictory but she wanted to say that she would not do that in the past(walk away) that changed, but did it because she stayed the same and didn`t like smoking.

play, quotes, and forget image

So that`s it for this article. I really hope you like it.