"Swan!!!! Swan!!!!," Audrey yelled from the backyard. I ran outside to see what was going on. Oona has been missing for last 10 minutes and we were looking for her. Audrey was standing outside on the grass covering her mouth. I ran over. She pointed at the ground. I looked down and was shocked by the sight. "Omg...Oona is a unicorn," I blurted out.

unicorn and baby image

"She's adorable!," Audrey said, putting her hands over her heart. I crouched down and pet her gently. I've been wondering what species she'd be, but I didn't have anyone to ask.

Image by Brutal Fantasy

Malena and I took her to the flower field again yesterday and there were horses this time. Malena made her a flower crown. I had a feeling that influenced her changing into her other side for the first time. "My sweet baby unicorn," I said, taking a seat on the grass.