I have decided to talk about a subject that touches me, starting with motherhood.
Today society is still focused on the idea that a woman should become a mother, and if she doesn't want to, then she is frowned upon.
I'm 19 years old you could say it's too young, but I know I don't want a child, maybe it will change who knows, for now my choice is this one. I love children, I like taking care of them, playing with them, they are innocent and all the cutest things, but a child is also accompanied by heavy responsibilities, life is no longer the same, your life is transformed, when I imagine my future, there is no "Baby" box, I don't think I can take on a child and make him happy, is it selfish not to want to ruin a life? And then in what world would this child grow up? In a world where attacks multiply again and again, a world where people kill for a look, where young people play by spitting at each other and insulting each other, where homosexuals are still being beaten up on the street, where inequalities are still numerous and so many other things, I simply preserve a life. It's not selfish not to conceive a child.
I simply see my life, with the job and the man I would have chosen. Everyone must be happy as they wish, no matter what their choice, whether it is to be happy without children, or with a person they have chosen, or even with their turtle, no matter.
Be happy no matter what society imposes, be you, with your choices.

Thank you for reading me