Aloha! ღ
My Name is Amy and currently Im abroad. ☼
Not becauseI have holidays it is because Im doing an Internship abroad for a month in Malta. And thats why I thought it could be really cool to release a serie of articles about my internship abroad.
So lets begin with some facts why you should do an internship abroad.

Enjoy! ❁

➳ Work experience
You will gtet international work experience.

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➳ Confidence
Doing an internship in another country is a big challenge. This will push you out of your comfort zone. Also it is designed to help you to grow, both personally and professionally.
And by the end of your internship you might even consider it as somewhere you could settle in the future

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➳ BTW Down below are a few pictures of my internship on Malta.
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➳ Travel
Pretty self explanatory.
You will see new cultures, beautiful sights and meet new people.

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➳ Improve your language skills
Immersing yourself in a country that speaks another language ist the best way to improve your language skills. And it demonstrates that you are able to connect and communicate with more people around the world.

➳ Fun
An internship abroad is a fund adventure filied with new skills, breathtaking views, lasting friendships and tons of memories

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➳ It looks great on your CV
There is no denying that internships abroad looks fantastic on your CV. They shos emolyers that your are brave enough to put yourself in a situation thats out of your comfortzone, which is essential in the workplace

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❁ Some of my Pictures

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