Day 7: about an object

paper and ink
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strange how a piece of paper and some ink, a collection of words,
can create so many whole new worlds.

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unforgetable stories captured for eternities,
countless universes of diversity.

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Freeing the mind, healing the soul,
feeling of just being whole.

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To flee from reality, create a safe place,
with a composition of words with such beauty and grace.

Hello you guys,
that's rthe article for today. This Poem is (obviously) about books. Isn't it facinating, what abook can do to your Imagination and view to see the world? What is your favourite book? I prefer Fantasy/mystery novels, but sometimes also books that make me think about ´my view of the world and look behind the facade.
Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you did…

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xoxo Sunny
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