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Today I'm gonna share my chill playlist with you guys! It's just all calm songs that I usually play in the background or I listen to it when I'm studying. Make sure to follow me on spotify (mara.tw) to keep up with my music and playlists!

apple, artsy, and autumn image room, home, and bedroom image

hannah hunt - vampire weekend
revelator eyes - the paper kites
menswear - the 1975
holoscene - bon iver
24 / 7 / 365 - surfaces

down the line - beach fossils
loving is easy - rex orange county
yes i'm changing - tame impala
waves - canyon city
the good side - troye sivan

suburbia - muskoka
memories - petit biscuit
beautiful light - uppermost
cherry wine - hozier
pink + white - frank ocean

resonance - home
broken clocks - sza
live well - palace
memories of ourselves with eachother - tomppabeats
real peach - henry jamison

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-`ღ´- Love, Mara (@indigoIights)