I have really enjoyed writing this and I hope you do it when reading it. I love you hearters.

Let's start

1-super junior

donghae, eunhyuk, and super junior image Image by SuDak_Neo 💙💚🍑 Image by SuDak_Neo 💙💚🍑 kyuhyun, Leeteuk, and ryeowook image
I can not express in words the love I feel for this group. I've known them for 8 years now and I can only say that all they do is pure art. Definitely my favorite group in the whole kpop


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I met them with neverland and since then I have kept listening to their wonderful music. No doubt deserve much more attention because if there is something that they have plenty of that is their talent.


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My kings of the rare concepts laughs these guys are a box of surprises, you never know with what they will come, and their songs are perfect. No doubt you have to listen to them even once.


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All right, for my bap he's one of the best kpop bands in terms of rhythm and productions. It hurts me that yongguk is no longer in the group but I trust in the talent that each and every one has. I know they will continue to shine although that means they do it separately.


Jonghyun, k-pop, and korean image key, Minho, and Onew image Jonghyun, k-pop, and key image Jonghyun, key, and kpop image
Jonghyun, k-pop, and key image
Great voices, ready. Great choreography, ready. Visuality, more than ready. Talent not even say. SHINee over the years and despite all the difficulties has remained one of the best groups in the industry. These guys were born to shine. And even more so when they have a beautiful angel who takes care of them from heaven.


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These guys are a special case ... Since their debut I have fallen in love and is that, how not to love your ballads ?, How not to dance their songs ?, Tell me how not to rap to the rhythm of peniel and ilhoon !?


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I admit that I met them because of ryeowook when I sing be mine (thanks wook that's why you are my ultimate bias). The first thing that attracted me to this group was their amazing synchronization, besides the yadong (do not blame me), the second was how fun they are, I love when they are on television. And without doubt his talent.
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Hold me, I faint okno.

8-Block B

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If you want to listen to a group with great raps and watch something crazy videos, Block B is the right one. A group where each one has a unique talent and that when joining can only be a great song. It should be noted that his vocalist Taeil is an underestimated jewel, this being a pity because when he sings his voice he falls in love with you.
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9-Exo Exo, my dear Exo ... I have to be honest to say that at first I did not like them at all, then I read a kaisoo fanfic and my way of seeing them changed. I started to like his music and I started to follow him (more to exo-m than to exo-k) and to tell you, the 12 members are the best.

Well, girls and boys, this has been everything. Well maybe I'll do another one with female groups, I do not know. Each of these groups represents something important for me and I hope you get to hear them. I send kisses and hugs see you later.