.your past does not define you.

this is what i'm trying to teach to myself.
i'm trying to accept that my mistakes don't define me.
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i've made plenty mistakes.
i'm soon 17 and i've made so many things wrong.
i've hurt people, and i've been mean sometimes, i've said awful things.
and i regret all of them.

thinking about them used to make me feel terrible. i saw myself as a monster for doing these.
but i now know that i am not.

because :
1. i regret them : that's the first step. if i regret it, that means i changed for the better. that means i'm not like that anymore ans won't do them again.

2. it does not define who i am.
everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, but that doesn't mean we are all bad persons.
we move on, we change, and that's okay.

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3. forgiveness is the key. you need to forgive yourself for the bad you have done. you can't hold on to it all your life, it will only waste your time & happiness. you need to stop worrying about what you did two years ago, it's pointless.

4. instead, make some good. you did bad things, fix them by doing some good.

give kindness.

what defines you is who you are today. these mistakes you made, they taught you something, they made you a better person.

so, your job for today is focusing on the good and giving to yourself some rest.
you are a good person.

some song rec. abt forgiveness :
understand - shawn mendes
notes pour trop tard - orelsan
you're doing fine - tarin

hope you liked this article :)
take care, love you <3

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