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1) How often do you watch movies?

Like, almost every day.

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2) What movie genre are you particularly fond of?

Most of all, action, comedy, thriller, suspense, terror and some Disney and Pixar movies.

3) What was the last movie you watched and liked?

I just saw Burlesque.

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4) What was the last movie you watched and hated?

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I know, is a great history and those guys deserve anything. I just, expected more from the movie, more action, just more.

5) What is your favorite movie of all time?

I'm not sure, right now I really love Burlesque, I can't stop seeing it.

6) Your most favorite guilty pleasure movie?

I think thats The Twilight Saga. Don't know why I really love it, but, I love it hahaha. Although it is no longer on Netflix Mexico so, It's been a while since I saw it.

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7) What movies have you watched a million times already?

These would be Twilight (Saga), Taken (also the saga, if it is a saga xd), Grown Ups (Both), Transformers (All), and a lot more but I can't remember right now hahaha.

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8) What movies have made you cry?

I don't cry easily, but I remember that My sister's keeper made me cry a lot. Also, I cry when Camp Rock does not win the competition against Camp Star, that was a hard time!

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9) Are you the type of person who watches a movie the first day it comes out?

Nope, too much people making noises and that stuff. I prefer Netflix or go see it when there's like 4 people with me in the cinema room.

10) What movie soundtrack can be found on your phone?

Umm, Like, Camp Rock, HSM, Burlesque, and I think that's all...

11) Is there any movie that has changed your perspective on life?

My sister's keeper, I think.

12) What is the best movie adapted from a book?

No one!

13) Watch the movie before reading the book or vice versa?

Yes, Twilight, Hunger Games (The first movie), The Divergent Series, Beautiful Creatures and Maze Runner. That was before I knew that they were based on books.

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14) Right now, think of any movie, which one comes to mind?

Hanna Montana: The Movie. I really really wanna watch it.

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