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I am sorry for the little pause, but I was distracted by school. We had to do a lot of homework this week.

So here we go with the third part of the 15 days writing challenge!

---------- Day 3: Make a list of your favourite books -----------

Since I am from Austria, I´ve also read many german books, so let´s start with german books I like.

german books

1) Die lebenden und die Toten
by Nele Neuhaus
This book is a detective novel and I liked it a lot, because it was the first book which was a bit bloody and brutal which I read.

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2) Vergessene Kinder (Myko; Tagebuch von Pia)
by Luna Darko
The VK universe is a book series by Luna Darko, a german author who I know, because of her youtube videos. I bought the first book, thinking it could not be a good book, but now the three books belong to my all time favourites.

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3) Mein Feuer brennt im Land der fallenden Wasser
by Rainer M. Schröder
The book tells the story of Mary Jemison, who lives on a farm with her family in Pennsylvania in the 18th century until her family was killed by iroquoian warriors and she was kidnapped by them. She learned to live with them and stayed with the tribe. I love the book because it shows the historical situation of this area very well and still is very gripping and emotional.

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4) Die Physiker
by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Dürrenmatt was a suiss dramaturg. I love his writing style, for example in this book he writes a page about the city in which the story takes place, just to tell the reader in the last sentence, that it is all irrelevant, because the scenes all take place in one house. Furthermore the plot of the book is really surprising and cool. I am sure that I will read a lot of Dürrenmatts books in my life.

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english books

1) Looking for Alaska
by John Green
I have to admit, that John Green books are cliché, but I really like his books. His stories are amazing and for example I really wanna read "Looking for Alaska" in english language, because I loved the deep thoughts which were described in the book and I want to know exactly what the author wrote, which is not possible if you read a translation (sadly I read that book in german class, why I only have it in german language). This book also stands for other of John Green books. I´ve also read "The fault in our stars" and "Paper Towns" (This one in english, yay) and I just love those books.

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2) Pope Joan
by Donna W Cross
This book I also only read in german language. I love the story of pope joan, because I like the imagination of strong women or girls in the middle ages. They had absolutely no rights, so they had to be very clever and good at surviving. The story is catching, but still very emotional and detailed. (I know it is not proven to be true, but if it is true, I´m a total fangirl of this girl who was pope in the fucking middle ages btw) In the book, Joan falls in love with a man and this was the first time, I "shipped" a couple in any story. I was so happy about their relationship and it made me read the book like three times.

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3) A Song Of Ice And Fire
by George R.R. Martin
I am currently reading the Game of Thrones book series, while I am waiting for the last season of the tv show to be released. Until now I´ve only read one of the many books, but I already love it. (Sadly I only can read it in German)
As I said, I love strong women and girls in the middle ages. I am a total fangirl of Arya Stark. She is very alike me, especially when she is a child and wants to fight with swords and bow and arrow. I´ve always done "boys stuff" rather than "girls stuff" and always considered it stupid that children may not just do whatever they want. Great thanks to my parents who didn´t stop me living my fantasies, it made my childhood really wonderful.

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thanks for reading!

Since I only just started writing articles, I am not an expert, but I hope you still enjoy reading those. Of course you can always give me advice! Well, thank you for reading and feel free to check out my profile, my other articles or write me a postcard. I´m very grateful! :D

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