"To look like a goddess, you need 20 minutes. But in order to look natural, you need 3 hours."
- Yanina Ipohorskaya

In this article I want to talk about my everyday makeup, which does not take much time.
I start by applying a moisturizer.

beauty and make up image Image by Mademoiselle

Then I put or render tone and powder.

beauty and makeup image makeup, beauty, and Foundation image

With the face, I do nothing more.

Eyebrows follow. At first, I painted them for a very long time, it went so far that the procedure took 40 minutes. Now it takes about 7-10 minutes.
The shape of the eyebrows is now the same, not so much as before - sharp on Monday, and round on Thursday (lol).

makeup, eyes, and beauty image

Now eyes. If I have time and mood, then I draw small arrows, if not, then I simply apply mascara on the eyelashes.

makeup, eyes, and beauty image makeup, beauty, and eyes image

That's all.
As a result, my makeup takes about 20 minutes and looks like this:

scarlett leithold image Temporarily removed

As you can see, I do not use concealer, do not use the shadows and the like. Only on important events, on holidays and on parties.

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Love yourself, take care of your loved ones and do not forget to smile xoxo ♥