🎶 Hey lovelieeeeeeess. Today I will do the tag, "If I were a kpop idol"
I have seen it here a lot of times and I must say I love it, so here it is mine!
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🖤 Real name: Jung Lara
🖤 Stage name: L A R A
🖤Place of birth: Seoul
🖤 Age: 21
🖤Birth date: February, 20 (1997)
🖤Company: SM Entertainment.
🖤 Type of music: kpop, rap
🖤 Group: 0h1L1keu
🖤 Position: Main dancer, support vocalist, rapper.
🖤 She's half korean, half japanese.
🖤Worst habit: Bitting nails when she's nervous.
🖤Her favourite color is purple and red.
🖤Her favourite season is fall.

👩 A P P E A R A N C E 🖖

💕Pink hair at the moment (her hair is dark brown but she likes to dye it in colors)
💕Round face, but she is so thinny (50 kg)
💕Eyes: big eyes, expressive, so beautiful and dark brown.
Thin legs.
💕Her teeth are imperfect but she cares about her dental health so much.
💕Small and cute lips.
💕Perfect Eyebrows.
💕Small bust.
💕She doestn't have dimples but her smile is awesome.
💕Tall: 1,65 m
💕She's the most beautiful and the visual of the group.

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👏 P E R S O N A L I T Y 😘

🌹 She's kind, cute and she cares a lot about others. She loves to hug everybody and she loves to do aegyo when she's in public. Her favorite movement is a heart with her hands and later throwing a kiss.

🌹 She loves making jokes to the members and scare them. When she's angry and sad about something or with someone she cries and don't talk to them.
When she's happy she can't stop singing, making jokes or talking.
Her friends say she's a very good girl and such a good friend.

🌹 She thinks is better to be the best person ever than be the most famous person ever. She wants to be remembered as a cute and honest person.

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🎃 H O B B I E S 💖

👍 She loves dancing, contemporanean and kpop dance, it's her passion since her was a child.

👍 She loves singing and writing songs, but she thinks her voice is not good enough. Her favourite music is rap music and pop, her favourite artist is Shawn Mendes, Drake and Ed Sheeran. Her favourite kpop group is BTS and MOMOLAND. She's ARMY and loves to support BTS, they are her friends.

👍 Loves watching horror, comedia, romantic and thriller films, but when she watches at it she needs to sleep with someone later. Her favourite series are "Sex in NY", "Friends" and "Rick & Morty". Her favourite Disney film is "Mulan" and "Belle and the Beast" Drawing an reading are their hobbies too.

👍 She does skate, bowling. Has a beauty blog, called "My Pink Wardrobe" because having a good style and be watched by everyone for this is her passion too.

👍 She's afraid of flying in planes, and even needs psychological attention because her fright, but she's learning to control herself.

👍 She loves food, chocolate, noodles and barbecues but she cares a lot about her health. She does gym 5 days at week and eat vegetables most of the time.

👍 One of her hobbies is doing Vlive too to talk with her fans. She adores them and she's so grateful!
And she loves talking to Skype with her boyfriend too 💖 and taking a walk, goint to the cinema, cooking and taking dinner with him, travelling...

👶 She wants to have 4 children when she leaves the group and launching a fashion line.

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💑 B O Y F R I E N D 💖

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Her boyfriend is Jimin from BTS. He's her boyfriend since 2016.

❤ They are so in love and she said in a interview they are thinking to move together to a house when he finish the LY tour, but they want to focus on their career and they look each other and date to go outside when they have free time. They enjoy a lot when they are together and go to places like any normal couple but it's a bit difficult for the security, fans... She already met his family and he knows her family too.

They love taking photos of each other to put as a wallpaper on their smartphones.

❤ She said she's so in love and he's her best friend, "he is a person in whom I can trust"

❤ She feels like they have a romantic relationship as a "fairytale" and the best part of the day is when they are together.

❤ They love to do Skype when they are far from each other and they can talk about everything.

❤ "I feel like this is forever, I love him so much. I even feel sad when he leaves during a long time"

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she's so happy about him, reaching all he wants in his career, and she's his best fan.

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😊 F R I E N D S ✔

🙌 Her bff is Tatyana, from her group. She's her bestie since they enter the group. They tell everything and they love watching films together, talks about boys... They have almost the same personality and they find they are so similar.

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Kyliie B, Rosie and Joline 💋

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🦋 She's friend of BTS boys too because Jimin, they even do Skype between each other.

- Her friendship with Jin (worldwide handsome hahaha )

She loves talking with Jin because he's extremely funny, he does jokes and tells her histories and recipes to cook.

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The friendship with Jungkook

Jungkook shows her how to treat Jimin (he's always hitting him, so she smiles so much when they are talking)

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The friendship with RM

She admires Namjoon so much. He's such an inspiration to her, and when they talk they discuss how to make a good song, dancing, even they talk about sciences and philosophy.

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The friendship with Suga

They dont talk too much but she knows Suga says she's a good girl and approves Jimin's and her relationship. They love to talk about music and rap.

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The friendship with Jhope

when she has a problem with Jimin, she talks to Jhope to calm down the situation. He gives the best advices even knowing he hasn't got a girlfriend. They are best friends and sometimes when they have free time they go out to dinner with the rest of the members.

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Her friendship with V

She knows Jimin and V have a great friendship. They are like brothers, so she has an special friendship with V. She knows when Jimin has a problem V will be ever for him, ans she's so blessed for that. They talk, play videogames, talk about clothes and Gucci (oh what a surprise hahaha) they love each other like brother and sister, even they called each other like that.

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😍 F A S H I O N 🎉


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