We, as society are so accosted to the idea of finding love that we can't imagine living without it. But the coin has two sides.

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Thanks to many cartoons and movies, i was searching for this spectacular love as well. Time had passed and i quickly realized that finding love wasn't as easy as it seemed in my favorite books. Maybe, realizing this is part of growing up. But i still wondered when the time would come? People around me, my friends had already experienced the first steps of flirting and falling in love, as for me, i am still waiting.
What scares me the most isn't the fact that i'm still waiting but the fact that this is concerning me, that it makes me question: Should it be like this? Is it late or is it still early? Is something wrong with me? Will i ever fall in love? These and many other questions keep me up at night when instead i should be thinking about my career and university life.

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I realize that all my worries are based on cultural pressure around me and that it is still early for finding true love as i just got into university and everything is still ahead, but i can't help myself staying up late and thinking: Will i ever find love?