I love Halloween...it's my second favourite holiday to celebrate after Christmas and i think that is because you can get as involved in it as you want and go all out with decorating or dressing up.
I have recently learned some Halloween facts and trivia that i had no idea about so i thought it would be good to create an article about them to spread the information :)

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1. Halloween originates from Ireland!! I always thought Halloween was American, I'm not really sure why, I think its just because they celebrate it so well and go all out for it that I thought that's where it came from but it doesn't. Halloween comes form Ireland, the history is that it started as an ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would dress up in costumes to warn off ghosts. There is a lot of pagan and Christian history surrounding Halloween, which i thought was interesting as I never knew that or would of guessed that. Over the years through other influences Halloween became what it is today.
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2. Halloween is also known as... All Hallow's Eve. AllHalloween All Saint's Eve Hallow's Evening.

3. It wasn't always Pumpkins!!
Another thing I had no idea about is that before we started carving pumpkins, people in Ireland were carving turnips!! Yes...turnips!!
They would also light them to ward off evil spirits.
How pumpkins started was that the Irish took Halloween to america and their pumpkins were native and most popular in the Autumn/Fall time, so that became a long term thing.

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4. Halloween around the world
In Mexico on November 1st-November 2nd, they would celebrate Day of the Dead which is to honour those who have passed away.
Halloween in Transylvania, Romania is celebrated by travelling to Bran castle (dracula's castle) there are parties and tours at the castle
I think this is awesome!!
On Halloween in Kawasaki, there is a huge Halloween Parade that requires you to apply for to be able to be apart off!

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5. Jack o'lantern tale...
I like this tale/story of the Jack o'lantern!
Sting Jack had invited the Devil to have a drink with him one evening, how jack got his nickname stingy Jake was that he didn't like to pay for his drinks. So Jack had convinced he Devil to turn himself into a coin so that Jack could use him to buy drinks.
jack however didn't use the Devil coin to buy drinks, he put him in his pocket next to a silver cross so that the Devil couldn't turn himself back.
Jack did let the Devil go free eventually on conditions that he would leave Jack alone.
The next year Jack managed to trick the Devil again buy getting him to climb a tree to pick fruit, while he was up in the tree, Jack carved a cross in the tree so the Devil couldn't come back down until the devil agreed not to bother Jack for ten years.
\when Jack died he was not aloud into heaven for his bad behaviour over the years, the Devil was upset with Jack because of all the tricks he had played on the Devil.
The Devil would not let Jack in to hell either so he sen Jake on his way with a burning coal.

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6. To get a treat...originally you had to do a dance!!
In the beginning, costume wearers would need to do a dance, usually a choreographed dance to get a treat at someones door.

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7. An owl is a Halloween symbol
Apparently, an owl is said to be a witch and if you hear an owl hoot then someone is about to die.

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Hope you enjoyed this & learned something new!!
If you have any more facts or trivia let me know...