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So.... I've always wanted to have friends all over the world, and I think writing an article on here may be one of the best ways I have to make that happen. So here we go, this may sound desperate or cliche, or whatever, I don't really care.

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My name is Laura, but i prefer being called Lah, or other nicknames, and if you've read some of my other articles you may already know this and some other things i'm going to say. I'm from Brazil, i can speak portuguese and english, but i rather write in english, as you may have noticed.

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I'm not very good at socializing for a long period of time, but if i become friends with you i definitely can. I only like movies and series that are comedy, sometimes i can handle a bit of romance and drama, but mainly comedy - why suffer and have a heart attack with all the action, if you can laugh and be happy?

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I absolutely love reading, even though i haven't had much time to do so because of college, and again, my preferences are similar to the movies and series, i prefer something light and nice.

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I'm quite organized, have a bit of anxiety, am a little crazy (although i think everyone is a bit crazy, whoever says they're normal is lying to themselves). I love water, chocolate and potatoes, what a random selection of things you may say, it's just whatever came to mind to be honest.

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And i think that's quite enough to get to know me and figure out if you would like to be friends or not, just one more thing:

Love Is Love
Treat People With Kindness
I despise every type of prejudice, such as racism, homophobia, sexism etc.

Have a lovely day everyone! Just come talk, whether you want to be friends, vent, suggest an article idea or anything really. I'm here for you.