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Name: Xi mei ling
Stagename: Nyx
Birthday: 3th July 1999
Birthplace: Beijing, China

china, nature, and sun image girl, ulzzang, and korean image
Mei calls herself nyx because she loves the night vibes.
beijing tour, beijing great wall tour, and badaling great wall tour image


Name: olimpyc
Member: Five
Position: Main rapper, main dancer, maknae.
_Since she was little she has always been rebellious , but with a big heart
Company: Pledis Entertainment

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fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and grunge image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and aesthetic image
On stage
fashion, hair, and shoes image fashion, girl, and style image Image by marie m. dress, fashion, and black image


girls image book, 90s, and love image art, girl, and draw image naruto, anime, and jiraiya image
She is very determined and ambitious about her goals. He loves his work and seeks to motivate and motivate his colleagues to reach the top. He is also a fan of composing and writing songs and stories and is otaku
rome, italy, and photography image
She is passionate about traveling.
car, black, and range rover image
She is a great driver and loves adrenaline.
orange county, scottsdale, and fitness1 image
To take refuge from your attacks of stress and anger, use kingboxing. Sports that he has practiced since he was 11 years old.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed
He has long black hair. Her eyes are almond-colored. She likes to wear strong makeup and has 3 holes in each ear.

1° Album: The beginning
Concept: girl crush, badass girls.
Genre: Hip hop, R&B.

hair, blonde, and fashion image dark, fog, and black and white image
01. Come on with me || 02. The true || 03. just relax || 04. never again || 05. Magic (Vocal line) || 06. Darkness (Rap line) || 07. Kiss me and go.

Production as Nyx

Genre: Rap, Ballad, Dance, Hip hop.

fashion, dress, and girl image
city and Dubai image
night vibes
Image removed Darkness, evening, and landscape image
Dreaming of you ft taemin
rose, red, and flowers image Image removed
little hope ft Ailee

Idol Friend

changmin image Image removed Image removed t-ara, jiyeon, and t ara image donghae, eunhyuk, and eunhae image ztao, tao, and hzt image
Changmin, junghyun, hyomin, jiyeon, eunhyuk, donghae, ztao

Love interest

couple, korean, and asian image couple, tumblr, and ulzzang image aesthetic, boyfriend, and boys image asian, boyfriend, and couples image
He is not famous, they have been together for a long time and their fans love when they upload photos together.

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