Helpful "rules" for sustainable living #1:

This "rule" is best for anyone who consider themselves a shopper, fashion enthusiast or frequently find themselves with clothes or items they no longer have any use for. It's about putting some NEED back into what you buy and not let yourself be tempted by wants, tags like "new" or "limited" etc. Here you have to recognize that you have an actual need for an item before you buy it so your consumption is reasonable and in alignment with your values.
If you find yourself in a situation where you want a specific product to solve a problem and can't find other sustainable solutions where you are, write it down once. Then, when you find yourself in loss for the same thing next time you write it down again. Do it until you have written it down five times. If you've written it down five times in less than a year, there's a more likely you actually will use what you buy and it won't be something superficial hanging around in your home. (now you can buy it, but always consider second-hand finds if it's suitable for your need or support ethical\slow fashion brands as long as it is possible for you.)

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Cover photo by G29Tasarim