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“You haven’t heard about the forest? It’s famous” my cab driver exclaims after I say I have no idea what Forstfer is so special for “the forest covers ⅔ of the town, and no one has ever walked out, once they sent in a team of officers to find out what was happening, the next day their bodies were found at the entrance, the throats ripped apart. Though too precisely to call it a wild animal, and which animal would take time to drag the bodies out eh? It just doesn’t make sense, it’s as if something wants us to keep out.”
“Well that’s fascinating”
“Take my advice though, don’t try to find out what’s inside. All those teenage deaths got me depressed”
Once out the cab, I’m faced with the dark gloomy building that as I gathered is my new school. All bricks, all black. What’s next? They teach witchcraft? Or courses like how to be a goth 101?
I snap a picture of the school and send it to Jackie with a caption “It’s not a phase mom! Lol”
“Hey, you’re new here right?” a blonde girl with way too much enthusiasm for my liking runs up to me.
“Yes, Amber”
“Hanna, nice to meet you, I head we had a newbie and judging by the fact that you’re staring at the school like a sheep at a new gate, I figured it was you, It’s not easy to be new believe me I know”
“Yeah well…” before I can say anything she cuts me off.
“Come on, I’ll help you find your room. What’s the number?”
“Umm… 24C I think”
On the third floor, we pass through a long corridor lined with rooms numbered for 1-24. My rooms the last. The rock music blasting in the next room tells me I’ll have to study in the library.
“Guess what?” Hanna turns to me her eyes lit up as if she just opened a Christmas present.
“We’re neighbors”
“That’s your room?” I point to the punk rock lair that will probably keep me up at night more than one time.

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“Music as well?”
“Oh no” she laughs “that’s my roommate”
Right at that moment, the door opens and a tall black haired girl walks out, her skin white as snow. Her eyes immediately strike me, not because of the strange suspicion filled look she gives me as soon as our eyes meet, but because of their color. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They’re bright purple.
She passes us without a word.
“She’s a little weird” Hanna forces a smile “come on let's see your room”
A few minutes later we end up hanging out in the library, together with my roommate- Bruna who I came to know to have many things in common with Jackie.
“What do you think about experimental fashion?” Hannas sitting on top of my library table.
“I don’t really know what that means” I laugh as she starts to explain. The feeling of bliss overwhelms me, a sense of belonging, but it’s all knocked right out of me as the ball hits my head.
“Oh god I’m so sorry” a British accent approaches me before I can even understand what’s happening “are you alright?”
A tall brown haired boy is staring right at me.
“It’s okay”
I say as Bruna and Hanna start to whisper and giggle.
“I’m Max”
He’s about to say something when the librarian comes dragging another boy behind her and shouting “Mr. Smith and Mr. Clifford, how many times do I have to tell you the library is not a football field! Out now!”
“See you around?” he asks hopefully.
“Now!” the woman yells, and with that, she drags both of them out of the library.
I turn back to Hanna and Bruna.
“Looks like someone got a crush” Hanna teases.
“Shut up” I punch her arm.
“I have an idea” Brunna jumps up from her binbag “we should go to the forest tonight”
“The forest? As in the forest? Isn’t it like no one comes back or something?” I ask remembering what the taxi driver has said to me.
“No, I’ve been there. It’s fun, come on don’t tell me you don’t want to know what's in there”

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