As a little kid I was told that pink was a girl's color. As a little kid I was also told that girls should play with dolls and love to cook, that we should keep our opinions in order to don't offend men, that boys would be mean to us because they liked us and that we had to stand that bullshit without speaking up for ourselves. I was told that I needed a man and children to be happy, that my purpose in life was to please guys and that my career wasn't as important as my personal life.

As a teenager, when people found out I wanted to be a surgeon, I was told that it would be very hard for a woman to follow this career because I was going to want kids and a family.

They told me girls were weak. They told me that, as a girl, I wasn't allowed to dream because I was supossed to have a family and dedicate my life to them.

As a little kid I was told that blue was a boy's color. As a little kid I was told that boys were allowed to bother girls, that they would become astronauts and doctors, they were allowed to speak up. They could dream.

As a teenager I never heard anyone telling a guy they would have to choose between family and their careers. I never heard that kids and a wife were what they needed in order to be happy.

They told me boys are strong. They told me that, as boy, they had the right to be whoever they wanted to be and that nothing could stop them.

I was told that pink was weak and blue was strong.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you that wanting a family or wanting to take care of them makes you weak. You have the right to choose what to do with your life. The problem begins when we are told that we must achieve those things in order to be happy.

But, as a little girl, I dind't understand that the problem was society. I always refused to wear pink. I hated skirts and heels because I wanted to achieve greatness, just like boys were going to. I wore blue and played with cars and always wore pants. I hated everything that came with girls because I didn't want to end up with a failed career.

Now I don't hate pink, I actually love it. What I hate is the idea that comes with pink, with girly stuff. Sparkles and unicorns, ballet and romantic movies. We are told we can't achieve as much as guys can because we were born to serve. Everything we like is automatically ridiculous and dumb, while everything that guys like is cool and fun.

Girls deserve the right to dream. Girls deserve the right to have a family without having to give up their careers. We are tired of that bullshit, we were born to conquer the world, not a boy's heart.

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