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It's Bel again from the Writers Team! I hope you have been enjoying all the content that the lovely members of the team have been posting and putting so much effort into! For today's article, I wanted to talk about something that relates to my life at this moment so bad, and that is how to stay sane during an intense and busy season... and I'm sure this is something many of you can relate! I am certainly not the best at this, but I wanted to share my opinion on this topic to remind myself to do these things but also, help you out if you are going through a super busy time as well.

So, if you want to know how to keep yourself sane while managing a not-so-sane schedule, keep on reading!

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Limit the time you spend on each task

This tip will not only help you to manage your time better but also help you create a new source of motivation.

Make a list of everything you need to get done today and prioritize your tasks. Then, say how much time you will dedicate to each of them.

And this may sound a little crazy but... set alarms! They will keep you on track and prevent you from spending too much time on one specific task. Also, this way you will make sure you are focusing on one task at a time and giving your 100% during those minutes!

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Have a routine

A structure can be good as it makes you feel way more organized and on top of things, and also, it will help you to manage your time better and find the time to get everything you need to get done. Something so simple as waking up at the same time every day can make a huge difference in your productivity!

  • Create a morning routine to start off your day with the best mindset possible
  • Create a work routine to manage your time wisely
  • Create a nightly routine to help you unwind and get ready for bed, in order to have the best sleep you can and feel rested and energized the following day

By creating routines, you will start doing things unconsciously, which will help you save the time you would waste on decision making or trying to convince yourself to start working, as you know when is the time to work and when is the time to unwind. You have a schedule already set up for you, and you just have to follow it.

Bonus TIP: Try to minimize the number of decisions you have to make during the day. For example, meal prep so that you don't have to think what you are going to eat each day, prepare your outfits in advance, etc. Simplify your routines and use that energy to focus on your tasks

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Set aside time for self-care

"It’s about balancing your priorities and your happiness"

When we are overwhelmed with work and start feeling like there is not enough time to get everything on our list done, we start giving up on the simple little things that we enjoy as we start thinking of them as a "waste of time". The problem with this is that the chances of getting burnt out increases. Make time for the things you enjoy and treat them as a reward for all your hard work. Allow yourself to have breaks and change your environment. It could be watching an episode of your favorite tv show every night, playing with your pet, going for a walk, taking a warm bath... you decide, but having this kind of breaks (both mentally and physically) will actually increase your productivity!

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Remember why you are doing this

By having your goals clear, you will find the motivation and energy to keep going. There are times when we can't really do much about our situation, we are busy and that's how it is. But remembering why it is important to not give up and keep working will make us have a much healthier outlook on our busy schedule.

For example, right now I'm having a hard time keeping up with all my classes at university but I constantly remind myself that I took a lot of classes this semester so that the following one (and last one of my career) will be easier and more enjoyable for me. There are times when we give up on things and work extra hard for our "future self" well-being, and that is okay! We just have to remind ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and that all the hard work we are doing today will pay off tomorrow.

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That's it for today's article! I hope you found it helpful in some way! Feel free to message me if you want to continue this conversation and talk about this topic a little more (or anything really), or simply to leave a suggestion for my future articles ♡

Thank you for taking your time to read this, love you

( bel )
( bel )

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