It is so important to look after your skin. So many people say they are looking old, their skin isn’t looking healthy, dry skin and so on. Not only has it got something to do with your diet or not drinking enough water, but it also has to do with not moisturizing your skin.

I have been using the products from Yves Rocher and I have always been happy about the quality of the products. The products I have been testing are the hydra végétal face moisturizing creams.

In the morning after cleansing or washing my face I use the hydra végétal liquid serum ultra-hydrating water cellular Edulis. This serum comes out in drop form, you know like raindrops and it has a soft texture and feels refreshing when you put it on your skin.

In the evening I take off my make-up and wash my face to get all the dirt off and then I use (after my anti-spot cream) the hydra végétal gel cream hydration non-stop 48H water cellular Edulis. I love this cream, especially in the evening I find this the best to use. It’s extremely soft on your skin, doesn’t stick and your skin looks like silk.

The reason I use the liquid serum in the morning and the gel cream at night is because in the morning I enjoy the refreshing feeling on my face. It helps you wake up when you feel refreshed.

I will be testing other products from Yves Rocher as well of other shops such as The Body Shop. I hope you enjoy this article and remember take care of your skin!