You know, once in a while, I like to indulge in those gory, "why on earth did I watch this???" type of movies because isn't it fun to not be able to close your eyes without seeing the gore and keep looking over your shoulder to check if someone is behind you?? (ok, i'm joking but not really). But it's halloween and that is an excuse for me to watch all the psychologically disturbing movies. And here is a 1 week list until we reach the 31st of October. P.s. I will not include famous horror franchises, I am focusing on graphical, surreal movies. Also, may contain spoilers, depending on how you define spoilers.

1. Silent Hill (2006)
Plot: A mother is unable to see her young daughter succumb to insanity and decides to take her to Silent Hill (because she keeps screaming the name of the town while sleepwalking...) but discovers that the town is surrounded by darkness and the human survivors are losing their battle against it.

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My thoughts: It's a classic. If you are old enough, you would remember the video game. Well, the movie draws inspiration from the game, but it kinda tweaked the story line a bit. There is more focus on the female protagonist, which is amazing to me since who doesn't love strong female heroines? It's a mixture of horror, psychological thriller and mystery. I appreciate that the movie doesn't focus on scaring the viewer but instead tries the develop on the plot.

2. Apostle (2018)
Plot: A man, who was considered dead and has lost his faith in religion and God, has to covertly go and live on an idyllic island, where the inhabitants blindly follow a religious cult-leader, in order to free his sister who is held hostage there. He soon discovers the evil secret that is being kept hidden by the cult leaders.

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My thoughts: It was a nice movie, which didn't let the "supernatural" part overtake it. It was more mystery than "jumpscare" which was nice since it makes you wonder where the story will take you next. But the gore, oh lord! It is highly graphic! Like detailed monstrosity that will make you wince a lot. But hey, it's worth it :)

3. Mother! (2018)
Plot: A couple's tranquil relationship is disturbed after when uninvited guests start to arrive in their house.

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My thoughts: It took me time to comprehend where the movie was going, but when it clicked, I found it to be a profound story-telling. It is psychological thriller again. It is almost a modern-day horror movie, if you want.

4. The Devil's advocate (1997)
Plot: A defense lawyer who is on a winning streak agrees to work for a legal firm, owned by Milton, in New York, where he is set to occupy a position of power. but, as he continues his winning streak, his wife has frightening experiences that distort her sense of reality and the lawyer discovers the truth about his mentor.

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My thoughts: It may seem slow-moving at times but at the end, all ties together. It touches upon topics like religion, vanity and the thirst for power.

5. A Serbian Film (2010)
Plot: A retired pornstar who is struggling to make ends meet agrees to act for one last time in a production. But he is unaware that the movie he is set to act in has necrophilia as its main themes.

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My thoughts: OK! This is one of those "what the fk am I watching movies"! It was intense and disturbing and I found myself thanking god that censorship exists (even though that movie was uncensored). This is for the strong-hearted because fam! at times it was unwatchable!

6. Donnie Darko
Plot: A teenager sleepwalks out out his house one night and comes face to face with a giant, demonic looking rabbit who warns him that the world will end in 28 days. He wakes up to a jet engine in his room and has more visions of the creepy bunny. He tries to find the meaning behind these visions.

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My thoughts; Well,it's not a gory movie but I found it highly disturbing as even if it deals with the theme of a parallel universe, it insinuates that the main protagonist may be schizophrenic and is just living an episode of that. But, still, the most common theory is that the movie explores time travel, in a very teenage angst-y way.

7. The Belko Experiment (2016)
Plot: In this horror thriller, a twisted social experiment is conducted in a corporate office in Colombia, where a voice in an intercom asks them to kill each other until the last man survives.

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My thoughts: It was spine-chilling and emotional to me. The whole concept of why they are asked to do this remains unexplained, but it is an interesting take on the whole "killing spree" genre.

Thank you for reading. Please note that I am 20 years old and I take no responsibility if you end up watching those movies as an under age lol. You may take the suggestions but respect guidelines. Cheers to Spooky Season!