you know what? you loved me
you brought me to the paradise
you made me feel important
you really loved me.

you know what? suddenly you left me
you said i was useless
you made me crying
you made me wish i was dead.

you know what? i wanted to change
i wanted to be more confident
i wanted to think about me first
i wanted to be happy

that's what i did.

can you see me?

look where i am now.

you know what? i changed
i built my own empire
with all people who really loved me
i am free and happy.

you used me to built your empire,
but look what i did without you

you have a village, full of people who love you
i have an empire with some people who helped me
to be who i am right now.

stop playin' with someone else's feelings, my dear.

English is not my native language