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We need jack o lanterns
To chase away shadows
To chase away memories
And the ghosts
Of lovers lost
But what if we don't have a match?
What if we can't find a jack o lantern?
Do we hide in costumes?
Or just give in...

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Leaves are falling
Like I fall for you
You warm my heart
Like a warm slice of pumpkin pie


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Some hearts are open
Like a book
Some are mysterious and dark
Like a forest
What is your heart like?


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Leaves are like people
Each one beautiful
Each one unique
Each one dying


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Im frozen over
And draped in shadows
Like a November night
But there's a crack
Like the dim glow of a dying candle
It's enough for me to feel forgotten
To feel hurt
I know it seems
Like I don't care if you leave
Like I don't care or try enough
I want to but I can't
Not anymore
Because every time I tried to win love
And failed
It froze me over
But I care even if I can't express it
If you leave me, forget about me
You'll haunt me forever

Just like the others

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