Coffee or tea

aesthetic, coffee, and beige image autumn, fall, and rain image
'I can't drink coffee'

Snow or beach

architecture, snow, and street image snow, winter, and christmas image
I prefer cold weather

Time traveler or space traveler

autumn, lake, and landscape image world, art, and black and white image
I want to travel all around the world

Books or movies

book, bath, and relax image book, candle, and autumn image
Books bring me more different feelings, emotions. It tells characters thoughts that helps understand them.

Roses or wildflowers

flowers, sunset, and sky image Temporarily removed

Dogs or cats

Temporarily removed dog, animal, and husky image
Sorry, but I hate cats

Raining days or stormy nights

architecture, autumn, and city image rain, city, and aesthetic image
stormy nights prevent to sleep

Night out or night in

bed, sunrise, and view image Temporarily removed

Train or plane

amazing, beauty, and hipster image Temporarily removed
faster (but I like cars)

Spring or fall

flowers, tulips, and nature image aesthetic, calm, and nature image
the end of school year

Long walks in the sun or bike rides by the ocean

bike, clothing, and places image blue, aesthetic, and bike image
combination of bicycle and ocean is perfect

Hugs or kisses

Abusive image Image removed

City or countryside

city, paris, and france image city, new york, and sunset image
city noise♫

Dragons or mermaids

mermaid, beautiful, and H2o image mermaid, H2o, and ocean image
H2O just add water♥

Pizza or burger

cheese, fast food, and food image food, burger, and fries image

Sunrise or sunset

sunset, city, and travel image Temporarily removed
then night♥

Carousel rides or roller coaster rides

night, black and white, and black image Temporarily removed

Bath or shower

pink, bathroom, and bath image Temporarily removed

Chocolate or vanilla

Image by light_99 food, ice cream, and tumblr image

Moonlight or candlelight

Temporarily removed moon, alternative, and art image

History or science

study, notebook, and notes image anatomy, biology, and books image