so, since 3racha (chan, changbin, jisung) write, compose and produce their own songs, a lot of them are deep and have meanings that make me emo

so lets start

โ€” broken compass
Iโ€™ll stick my tongue out at the people who think I will give up
Iโ€™m a music jerk solidly
Roaring, Iโ€™ll continue moving towards a new direction
After knowing, Iโ€™m riding the Noahโ€™s Ark
โ€” i see (jisung)
Just wait right there I'll be there and reach you someday
even if the clock hands stop for a while
the flowers will definitely bloom someday
a wavering fantasy
even if that's only a mirage I'll definitely catch you
โ€” for you
Tiresome you wrestle with the pen you hold
It seems you and I are very alike
It hard right? I know
Itโ€™s okay to cry, itโ€™s not a bad thing
โ€” placebo
Cause later when I become addicted to life
even though the medicine I take when I'm sick has no effect
it still comforts me in another way and makes me want to fly
โ€” 42
Iโ€™ve been thinking โ€˜bout my life
Is it better if I die?
Before I fall asleep forever
I'm trying to find feeling within this nothingness
โ€” runner's high
Who can make more than 30 songs in 6 months
I make the impossible to possible
Showing myself with mixtapes
It's not a mistake, it's my pace
It's out of my control, every song is dope