Hello my wonderful hearters!

As you know, a #girlboss is not only a girbloss because she has style and attitude, but also because she tries hard. For all the girbosses struggling with their academic life, here you go:

First af all, you need to find a good space to work. That's right: you can't work well if you can't concentrate. And to focus, you need no distractions.

The next thing you need to know is that studying isn't just staying in front of your books for five hours straight memorizing the words. Studying is a process which starts at school.

Also, to study you usually need neat notes. There are lots of ways to take notes, but here you have five that may help you finding the most suitable style for you.

I will write another article on how I take notes.

As I said before, studying starts at school. But it continues at home, so here you are some of the things you can do at home.

I will write another article on short study breaks.

During all of the complicated process that studying is, you need to stay focused and organised.

Not everyone studies the same way, and that's because there are different learning styles. Each of those styles has its own best ways to study, so maybe it heps to know which is yours.

The two articles I've mentioned will be in this collection: