Your way of thinking has immense power over your whole life.

Your success and happiness depend directly on how you think. Similarly, good thoughts are one of the keys to quiet efficiency in your relationships.

Here are my favorite quotes that help me. I read them every day.

The greatest discovery of our generation was to realize that a man can change his life by changing his way of thinking. William James
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We are what we think we are. Everything we are is the result of our thoughts. With our thoughts, we build our world. Buddha
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It's all about attitude: you have to imbue your mind with positive thoughts to hope to benefit from the strength that lives in each of us. Norman Vincent Peale
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There is nothing and no one strong enough in the universe to stop me from becoming the person I want to become or from getting from life everything I think I deserve. Françoise Blanchard
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And don't forget to think positive!
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