Day2: List 5 places you want to visit

It was very hard, because I want to be in every country, in every city, which has own unusual atmosphere (^w^)

1- London is my passion.

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♥In my opinion the architecture of London in general is a sight in itself, each street in the center (and not only) includes unique architectural samples.♥

2- New York (child dream)

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I think there we can see a combination of incongruous. Here mixed up amount of various cultural traditions so everyone can find the small homeland in the megalopolis♥

3-. Paris is a love and fashion

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All streets breathe romanticism and carelessness. THe city gives inexpressible feeling of the fairy tale. And at night Paris becomes alive: I just want to sit on benches at bright lamps and the french music around♥

4- Vaadhoo, Maldives

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It would seem what interesting can be in bioluminescent phytoplankton? However I want to see it in real once in my life ♥

5- Rome

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I'm not able to explain how wonderful city is for me. It seems like everything there got stuck somewhere in the Middle Ages ♥