hello everyone! i hope you are all doing well!♡today i will be sharing little things you all should start doing every day...

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make a friend smile. send them a funny video online, or text them to see how they are doing. making someone else’s day is a sure-fire way to guarantee your day being great too.

read the news. keeping up with world events will stimulate your mind and help you to gain new perspectives.

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wake up earlier. set your alarm to go off a quarter of an hour before you normally get up. this extra 15 minutes will help make your morning less stressful, and you will able to have a more organized and productive day.

clean out your email. delete all of your spam emails and the ones you don’t need. decluttering will make you more organized while helping you to keep on top of work.

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hug someone you are close to. from your child to your partner to your sister, having a good old hug will improve your mood and mental state. this is also a great way to keep your relationships healthy and happy, too!

have a quick tidy up. if you have a few spare minutes, It will barely feel like tidying, but your mind will thank you for making the environment tidier and more pleasant.

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take a walk. being outside will raise your mood and it can calm you down if you are feeling stressed or worried.

write down three things you are thankful for each day. this will help you to appreciate all of the brilliant people and things you have in your life.

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look through old photographs. reliving old memories will put a smile on your face, and you will feel grateful for the wonderful people in your life.

carry a bottle of water with you. water is one of the best drinks for your body, and it will improve your health, your skin and your mind – perfect!

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read a chapter of a book you love. this will help to both lift your mood and relax you.

spend five minutes alone. If you feel life starting to get on top of you take a break and spend a minutes alone. After this reflection time you will feel noticeably calmer and more relaxed.

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put on an outfit you love. If you feel great on the outside, you will start to feel pretty good on the inside too – trust me!

make sure you get eight hours sleep. everything is more difficult and stressful when you’re tired – get a head start on this and make sure you are refreshed for a productive and fun day!

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love always,
kat ♡

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