Hey lovelies,
Recently I’ve been trying some“methods”to protect myself from radiation. Why am I doing this? Well I’ve been reading some articles about the damages it does to your body. And oh boy aren’t they terrible?

~Radiation contains a massive amount of energy that can destroy your DNA.
~If taken in excessive dose it can lead to cataracts,blindness,cancer and many many more.
~It makes you have headaches,dizziness.

What I do to protect myself (kinda):

~I shut all my electronics that I’m not using.
~I always take my electronics out of my room before going to bed.
~I prefer texting not calling.
~I try to use my headphones while making a call.
~I carry my phone in my handbag never in my pockets.
~The magnetic field of the dryer is high. So I use it at short intervals instead of continuous use.

These are not the best ways to protect yourself but they help:)
Well that’s it🖤
Thanks for reading, take care💞